Guided Tour

Guided tour around the scenic spot of Yatsugatake by e-Bike. The 2022 tour has ended.

Kiyosato area

Yatsugatake Outdoor Activiteies

An e-Bike guided tour by Yatsugatake Outdoor Activities. Two tours are available.(April to November)

080-4436-8423 Yatsugatake Outdoor Activiteies(Japanese)
Hara Village

Yatsugatake Shizenbunkaen E-BIKE TOUR

You can enjoy an E-BIKE tour starting from Yatsugatake Shizenbunkaen from April to October. A guide who lives in the Hara Village will show you around the wonderful places. In addition, they also offer semi-order guided tours based on model courses that guide you at a pace that suits you.

0266-74-2681 Yatsugatake Shizenbunkaen E-BIKE TOUR (Japansese)