Come to a rejuvenating spot 1,000 meters high
Please feel free to use the transportation method of your choice

The Yatsugatake Tourism Zone, comprised of Hara Village and Fujimi Town in Nagano, and Hokuto City in Yamanashi, is a highly accessible spot reachable by a variety of transportation methods, including by train, car or bus, and in only around 2 hours from Tokyo and 3 hours from Aichi.

By Train

Within the Tourism Zone, there are two operating train lines: the JR Chuo Line and the Koumi Line. There are six stations in Hokuto City and three in Fujimi Town. The limited express Azusa operates on the Chuo Line and arrives from Tokyo in about two hours.

Kobuchizawa Sta.

Kobuchizawa Station, which was renovated and reopened in 2017, is located near the prefectural border between Yamanashi and Nagano. The limited express Azusa stops here. It is also the starting point of the Koumi Line, which extends toward Saku and Komoro area. A tourist information center and shop are located inside, and on the roof, there is an observation deck offering a view of Mt. Yatsugatake, Mt. Kaikonagatake, Mt. Fuji, and Mt. Oku-Hotakadake.

Kiyosato Sta.

Kiyosato Station is located roughly 30 minutes from Kobuchizawa Station on the JR Chuo Line after transferring to the JR Koumi Line. As you can tell from its nickname “the Yatsugatake Highland Line,” passengers reach Kiyosato Station after traveling across the plateau, and for a long time, this area has been a highland resort where visitors can enjoy popular shops, spacious ranches, and more. A C56 Steam Locomotive, which used to run here, is on display outside of the station, so visitors can get a sense of the local history and culture.

Fujimi Sta.

Fujimi Station is familiar to many as the entrance to Fujimi Kogen. It has a slight retro atmosphere, and is characterized by its wooden station building gate. Fujimi Station, which stands at an elevation of 955.2 meters, is the highest station along the JR Chuo Line where conventional express trains stop. The soba noodle at the station building shop is also highly praised for its taste.

By Car

The Yatsugatake Tourism Zone is accessible from Tokyo in an hour and a half on the Chuo Expressway. There are three interchanges in Hokuto City and one in Fujimi Town.

Sutama IC

When heading toward Yamanashi Prefecture from Tokyo, the very first interchange after entering Hokuto City is the Sutama IC. We recommend using this interchange when going to the Kiyosato Kogen area and the Masutomi Hot Spring Resort.。

Kobuchisawa IC

Many people use this interchange when going to the Kobuchisawa area, which has also become popular in recent years as Horse Town, and facilities such as Roadside Station Kobuchisawa, a horse-riding ground, and a hot spring resort are located just off of the interchange.

Suwa Minami IC

The only interchange in Fujimi Town, Nagano Prefecture, is the Suwa Minami IC. In addition to the two ski slopes, which are popular spots in Fujimi Town, you can also reach Hara Village in about 10 minutes.

By Express Bus

The Yatsugatake Tourism Zone is accessible by numerous routes from Tokyo as well as the Kansai region, and features seven express bus stops: Akeno, Sutama, Nagasaka-Takane, Yatsugatake PA, Kobuchisawa, Fujimi, and Hara. Each bus stop also provides a free parking lot for express bus passengers.

Chuo Expressway Nagasaka-Takane Bus Stop

This bus stop is located near the Nagasaka IC entrance on the Chuo Expressway. There is also a large supermarket close to the bus stop, so this is a very convenient bus stop when visiting for camping or a stay at a villa.

Chuo Expressway Kobuchisawa Bus Stop

This bus stop is located inside the Kobuchisawa IC, and JR Kobuchizawa Station and Roadside Station Kobuchisawa are both accessible in around 20 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

Chuo Expressway Kobuchisawa Bus Stop

The Hara Bus Stop is the most northerly express bus stop within the Yatsugatake Tourism Zone. The arrival area (outbound from Tokyo) is located inside the Hara PA on the Chuo Expressway, and gifts and souvenirs are also available for purchase.