Kiyosato Hill Park caravan park

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住所:Yamanashi Prefecture North Grove City takane-Cho Kiyosato 3545-5
Tel: 0551-48-2300    Fax: 0551-48-5472

Kiyosato Hill Park caravan park
Walk to the Aqua resort Kiyosato, 2 to 5 minutes.

Upon check-in to Aqua resort Kiyosato (hot springs, swimming pool) or leasurehouse (putt putt golf, tennis courts, dog) discount tickets! While in the vastness of nature, fresh air, and enjoy with your family and friends.


Camp Winter part 3.

End of year was ever much weather well, every night a clean sky. Was dry, but snow was finally last night. Camp site has already been closed for the twig falls in. about 1 cm of snow cover, one side and white is not. Also, or small animals in trouble eating very much not at all no footprints. No wind and sunny camping ground is a world of silence.