Nakamura farms

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Street address:Yamanashi Prefecture North Grove City takane-Cho Toi out 4,986 - 524
Tel: 0551475030    Fax: 0551462875

Dining with chicken meat and outlets to sell homemade egg located south southwest of Mt. 8 months has impressed!
Nakamura farm chicken is reared in the drinking water in the southern foot of the Yatsugatake volcano basking in the cool air and sunshine and relaxed surroundings. Grow healthy chickens, no extra fat in addition to blend your own chicken feed by reducing calories of the food itself. So if you fancy it out tastes, of the chicken becomes a rich, deep flavor, superb and tasty chicken. You can also, by directly to dismantle the meat always tastes like chicken and make at best be delivered to the customer.